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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:  By becoming a Professional Loadmaster Association (PLA) member, you or your family members will have an opportunity to apply and receive established PLA scholarships.  You will have access to the biannual national reunion and/or local chapter meetings.  You will have access to the PLA website.  You will receive a newsletter titled “The Loader” published three times a year to inform you of Loadmaster participation within the airlift community and the association’s current & future business activities.  You will be sent a PLA welcome package.  If you are an active member at the time of your death, a PLA memorial brick with your name on it will be placed in your honor at the Memorial Park on JBLM-McChord WA.  Furthermore you agree that in the event of your death, you will allow the PLA to publish your obituary in “The Loader” newsletter and allow the Scholarship Committee to name one of five scholarships in your name.

You have your choice of three different types of memberships:  General, Life or Associate.  General membership is open to all aircraft Loadmasters, civilian and military, who serve or have served as Aircraft Loadmasters on transport aircraft and helicopters to include rescue type aircraft and gunships.  Members must have been a fully qualified Loadmaster.  Membership will be voluntary and not restricted or influenced on the grounds of age, race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.  A member must be able to provide proof of eligibility if so requested by the PLA Executive Committee.  Life membership is granted to members upon receipt of the current published dues, payable to the PLA at the time of application and their paid dues cannot be subsequently increased.  Associate membership is limited to the spouse of a deceased member in good standing.  Membership dues will be $25.00 for one year, $50.00 for three years, $150.00 for ten years, and $250.00 for lifetime.  Any increase in dues will be announced at least four (4) months in advance in “The Loader” newsletter.  Life members with dues already paid, owe no further dues.  The member’s anniversary month will be the month in which dues were paid and the individual becomes a member of the PLA.  Subsequent dues are payable in the member’s anniversary month.  Members who have not renewed dues by the end of their anniversary month will be given a sixty (60)-day grace period after which the member is placed on the inactive list and considered delinquent for non-paid dues.  The inactive member will be barred from attending PLA functions, lose voting privileges, and receipt of any PLA benefits, until dues have been paid and membership restored.  Members who have been placed on the inactive list will be reinstated upon renewal.  The reinstated members will retain their original membership numbers but their anniversary dates will be the month they pay their dues.

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