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Task Force 1

Vision for PLA Task Force 1

The PLA is the organization that can bring every Loadmaster together. Our vision is to be able to allow Loadmasters from all over the Globe from different backgrounds a way to connect and find other Loadmasters with similar experiences. We want to educate Loadmasters to improve their knowledge of procedures and policies about cargo movement. Connected, educated Loadmasters will allow for unprecedented opportunities in finding logistical solutions for moving cargo and personnel.

This is a place for commercial Loadmasters a place to go for information.

Mission of the Task Force

1.   Provide a point of contact for Loadmasters for regulatory guidance

2.   Allow Loadmasters to connect through the PLA website

3.   Educate PLA members on current issues

4.   Educate companies on the value of Loadmaster knowledge, skill, and expertise


Action Items

- The FAA has released for public comment the draft Advisory Circular 120-85B, Air Cargo Operations

  • Follow this link to go to the draft copy to review and comment.  Follow the FAA instructions for making any comments.  If you share comments with the PLA Task Force, it is welcomed, but will not be forwarded to the FAA.  Comments must be made to the FAA in accordance with their posted procedures.


  • Comments are due by 28 Jun 2018.

- Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) accepts FAA Loadmaster Certification Working Group recommendation and forwards to the FAA

Rules and regulations relating to Cargo

- See the Code of Federal Regulations

- Orders and Notices  

Advisory Circulars

Rules and regulations relating to Airplanes

Educational Opportunities

NTSB Training Academy

Advisory and Rulemaking Committees (ARAC)

- Definitions

- Meetings

- Loadmaster Certification Working Group (LMCWG) tasking from ARAC

- NTSB report AAR-15-01

- ARAC members

Interesting News (PLA does not endorse any news reporting entity.  We pass it on if we think it may be of interest to our members.)

- Air Cargo News is an international perspective on Freighters

- Journal of Commerce covers a wide range of transportation news

- Air Cargo Week provides international news

Job Opportunities

Coming Soon!

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