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Aloha Chapter

The Aloha Chapter is organized in the state of Hawai'i, on the island of Oahu. The chapter consists of members from the 535th / 204th Airlift Squadrons and retired Loadmasters. 

Chapter Officers:

President - Harley Kang
Vice President - Randy Yamada
Secretary - Joleen Morse
Treasurer - Josh Moracco
Sgt at Arms - Jason "PO" Patton-Orme

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Aloha Chapter News

April 4, 2018 1st Quarter Meeting Notes

  • Attendees:

    • Chris Bernard

    • Jason Patton-Orme

    • Jason Livingston

    • Nicholas Jackson

    • Makaio Roberts

    • Alicia Muro

    • Nate Gershon

    • Brandon Ducosin

    • Dom Hawkins

    • Sean Chang

    • Josh Moracco

    • Harley Kang

    • Chad Thompson

  • Introduction

    • New Board members introduction

  • What is Professional Loadmasters Association:

    • The PLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the loadmaster community together. We have several chapters throughout the country. Loadmasters from all walks of life have joined our organization sharing stories and experiences from their lives as a loadmaster. A group of individuals that share a common bond of airlifting just about anything you can imagine around the world since 1997.

    • PLA Scholarship

      • Closed April 1

        • 1-$1000, 3-$500

    • Website:

    • Dues

      • 3 year-$50

      • 10 year-$150

      • Lifetime-$250

  • New Shirt Design

    • Open to current PLA members

    • $100 to winner

    • Deadline June 1, 2018

    • Winner announced at July 22 quarter 2 meeting

  • July-Qtr 2 Meeting

    • 22 July- Pililaau Army Recreation Center

      • Time: 1000-2000

      • Pavilion area reserved

      • Cabin reserved for those who can’t drive home

    • Need volunteers to pick up food/drinks also grill

  • Open suggestions for volunteer opportunity?

  • Danny Hollister Fundraiser Golf Tournament

    • October 8, 2018 (Columbus Day)

    • Announce Scholarship winner at that time

    • Need volunteers:

      • Need POC’s

        • Solicit prizes, make fliers, make/collect entry forms

      • Good volunteer opportunity

  • Danny Hollister Scholarship

    • Closes September 1, 2018

      • Winner chosen by Chapter Executive Board

      • Announced at Hollister Golf Tournament

      • Need POC’s

        • Make application, compile applicants

  • Aloha Chapter Fundraisers

    • Collect recyclables around squadron and sim building

    • Gift card raffle

    • Silent auction

    • Need POC

  • Membership drive

    • If people sign up by end of April

      • New members receive coin

    • Sign up on website:

      • Credit card or PayPal accepted

      • Easy and convenient

June 30, 2016

     In true Aloha fashion the club was able to put together a chapter meeting out at the sandbar in Kaneohe Bay thanks to our Chapter President and Treasurer for planning and securing two pontoon boats! The entire Loadmaster group had a blast! Stay tuned for more Aloha Chapter updates! 

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