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First State

Meeting Minutes

Held: 27 Oct 2016
Time: 15:00
Place: USO
Attended by: 12 total in attendance. Attendees were comprised of Loads from the 3AS, 9AS and 512th.

Topics Covered: 

We discussed revitalizing the chapter. This included when and where we would hold meetings. We tried to come up with a good compromise for times that would benefit the reserves and the active duty. The option was talked about having more than one meeting and have one on a UTA weekend for the Reserve units. 

We also discussed holding another meeting in Nov and submit nominations for new chapter leadership. 

Concerns were brought up about the benefits of the PLA and what would be the selling point to recruit  and revitalize the Chapter. We discussed activities we can do and TSgt Koch talked about the National PLA and many upcoming changes that are happening.

Next Meeting: tentatively 16 Nov 16

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