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What is a Loadmaster?
Welcome to the Professional Loadmaster Association (PLA). The PLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the loadmaster community together. We have several chapters throughout the country. Loadmasters from all walks of life have joined our organization sharing stories and experiences from their lives as a loadmaster. A group of individuals that share a common bond of airlifting just about anything you can imagine around the world. We invite you to look around and read some of these incredible stories. If you are not yet a member please join us, simple online sign up is now available.
Proposed PLA By-Laws

During the 2012 "Gathering of Loads" convention it was determined that the PLA By-Laws needed to be revised. A PLA By-Law Review Committee was formed to review the By-Laws and make necessary revisions. The Review Committee has completed its work and the proposed By-Laws are now available for review by the PLA members. Please review the updated By-Laws and send any suggestions or comments to Hector Leyva at: Hectorl45@msn.com



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